Journalist  .  Author  .   Illustrator

Sean Michael Thomas

I Dare You


Happy River Press, March 2013  ISBN: 0615740472 


When little Olivia is dared to throw a rock at a nearby house by her friends, a broken window will lead to a series of important life lessons and a burgeoning friendship that will change her forever. After breaking the house’s window, Olivia is confronted by the older woman who lives there, and instead of getting in trouble, she is set forth on a year-long series of dares. With a variety of dares designed to keep Olivia out of trouble, the two form a unique friendship while creating a lasting impact on each other’s lives.


I Dare You is a touching new children’s book about friendship, doing the right thing, and following your dreams. Warm and upbeat, this endearing book by Sean Michael Thomas utilizes fun, creativity, and colorful pictures to teach valuable life lessons to young readers everywhere. With heart and love guiding every sentence, this wonderful little book is perfect for children as they begin their exploration of life.


Born from a passion for storytelling, I Dare You thoroughly entertains while teaching young kids the important lessons in life that they otherwise would have to learn the hard way. With its loving cause, bright illustrations, and creative concept, this wonderful children’s novel is a wonderful companion for young kids everywhere.


Suitable for a wide range of children, I Dare You is easy enough for those just learning to read, but it will also be an enjoyable story to read to even younger audiences. With vivid pictures and a touching little story, the book will be loved by audiences of all ages. Using a distinctive approach to convey important life lessons, I Dare You is a charming children’s book that will teach as it entertains.

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